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Check out Josh Blue on the brand new cannabis based cooking show – High Cuisine. Josh appears as a special guest co-host in this Thanksgiving (or Danksgiving) special where Chefs Raul Medina and Beeta Mohajeri are tasked with making a Thanksgiving dinner, and there’s a catch – there’s no turkey and they’re extremely baked.

About High Cuisine

High Cuisine’s vision is to revolutionize the dining experience by skillfully fusing together haute cuisine and ancient mind-expanding herbs and plants into mouth-watering recipes that will take you on an unforgettable culinary journey

Check out their website for a trailer and more info about the show:

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  • Double
  • Another great show in Charlotte! Thank you
  • I will be in Charlotte at the Comedy Zone on
  • Security dragging me out of my own show! hardrockhcac atlanticcity
  • My luggage did not show up Had to wear a
  • Here is one of my latest paintings The palsy Jackson
  • Beautiful day at the hillbilly waterpark with the kids
  • Me and a fat Will Ferrell
  • Im not sure what I am seeing flying into San
  • I love Dali! I think this painting is called Pop
  • Hes my favorite!

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