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Upcoming Tour Dates

Tacoma Comedy Club

Tacoma, WA


Thu, Nov 21st – Sat, Nov 23rd


New Hope Cinema Grill

New Hope, MN


Fri, Nov 29th – Sat, Nov 30th


Jimmy Kimmel Comedy Club

Las Vegas, NV


Thu, Dec 5th – Sun, Dec 8th


Comedy Works Downtown

Denver, CO


Fri, Dec 20th – Sat, Dec 21st

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" The public image of people with disabilities has often hinged on the heroic or the tragic. But Mr. Blue represents the broader portrait of disability now infusing television and film. "

- New York Times

" Josh was great. Laughter filled the room and even a few tears from laughing so hard. "

- ViaQuest

" Josh’s performance was absolutely great and the evening was a raging success! "

- Ohio State University

" Josh was awesome!  Everyone really enjoyed him "

- New York Life

" It was so awesome! We had an amazing turnout. It was fun and thought-provoking, and Josh did a great job of integrating Disability Awareness Month and WSU into his set. "

- Washington State University

" This was absolutely splendid. Blue, who suffers from cerebral palsy, has created a routine here of rare quality and of rare variety. "

- Letterboxd, Review of Sticky Change

" Many a naysayer told Josh Blue that he couldn't be a comedian. But look who's laughing now. "

- WebMD

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